Share Account Plans
Times Federal Credit Union offers a variety of savings plans with competitive rates to fit your needs…

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Share (Savings) Account: You become a member of our credit union by opening a regular savings account with a minimum opening deposit of $5.00. Membership entitles you to one full vote in any credit union election or membership meeting. All share accounts with a minimum balance of $100.00 earn dividends and entitle you to all credit union services. You are a member for life as long as your savings account remains open.

Share Draft (Checking): Our non-interest bearing checking accounts require no minimum balance.There are no monthly fees or per check charges. However, fees are assessed in the event a check is returned unpaid or additional processing is required. A complete rate and fee schedule is available at our office.

Christmas Savings: The simple and painless way to save for the holidays is through our Christmas savings program. You earn competitive dividends on your balance. In October your Christmas savings is automatically transferred to your share account to give you a jump start on your holiday shopping. No minimum balance is required however withdrawals are prohibited unless the account is closed.

Share Certificates: Our share certificate program offers a high competitive return on your investment. We offer 6 months, 1 and 2 year terms. Once the certificate is opened your rates are locked in and will not change.